Lion International Land Stock Exchange

Lion Financial Group relies on Lion Brokers Limited (Lion Brokers Limited) to provide its clients with derivative services through its product offering, Lion International Land Stock Exchange, a derivative service that provides clients with a Total Return Swap (TRS). The client contributes a certain amount of principal as a base, and Lion International matches the client's capital to buy and sell a specified range of stocks according to an agreed leverage ratio of up to 3 times.

  • Protecting Client Privacy

    TRS products are structured to protect client privacy

  • Low financing costs

    TRS financing rates are much lower than traditional financing rates

  • Flexible operating mechanism

    TRS customers pay interest according to the actual amount incurred

  • Flexible operating mechanism

    Lion International provides professional trading software and customized services to clients


Take 1 period,2.5 times the leverage as an example Hedging Counterparty:Guotai Junan Securities、CICC、Lion Brokers Limited and so, the stock price at the beginning and the end are different.

Hong Kong & U.S. Stocks trade advantage
  • Globalized asset allocation

  • T+0 same day selling

  • Rich trading variety

  • Value investing

  • No limit on upside and downside

  • Transparent and regulated market

TRS Financing Trading Software
  • Order placing is simpler
  • Software is smaller
  • Customized Interface
  • The Interactive experience is better