Lion A-shares Stock Connect

Lion Financial Group relies on Lion Brokers Limited (Lion Brokers Limited) to provide its clients with Total Return Swap (TRS) derivatives services by issuing product —— Lion A-shares Stock Connect. The client contributes a certain amount of principal as a base, and Lion Brokers Limited matches the client's capital to buy and sell a specified range of stocks according to an agreed leverage ratio of up to 3 times. In the end, the client obtains the income generated by the leveraged stock investment, and Lions Brokers Limited obtains the leveraged capital income.

  • Protecting Client Privacy

    TRS products are structured to protect client privacy

  • Low financing costs

    TRS financing rates are much lower than traditional financing rates

  • Flexible operating mechanism

    TRS customers pay interest according to the actual amount incurred

  • Excellent operating mechanism

    Lion Brokers provides professional trading software and customized services to clients


Take 1 period,2.5 times the leverage as an example Hedging Counterparty:Guotai Junan Securities、CICC、Lion Brokers Limited and so, the stock price at the beginning and the end are different.

Hong Kong & U.S. Stocks trade advantage
  • Globalized asset allocation

  • T+0 same day selling

  • Rich trading variety

  • Value investing

  • No limit on upside and downside

  • Transparent and regulated market

TRS Financing Trading Software
  • Order placing is simpler
  • Software is smaller
  • Customized Interface
  • The Interactive experience is better