Lion Brokers LTD strives to create a perfect compliance system for its clients.
In order to effectively protect the fund security and interests of its clients, compliance in the business has always been a top priority for Lion International Financial.
All of the Group members’ businesses have obtained the relevant licenses in their jurisdictions, and its subsidiary in Cayman Lion Brokers LTD(Cayman) Pte. Ltd. has become one of the few financial services providers in the world to hold a fully regulatory license of CIMA.

Its subsidiary in Singapore, Lion Brokers LTD(Singapore) Pte. Ltd. has been granted a CMS license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under regulatory number CMS101140.

  • About CaymanIslands Monetary Authority (CIMA)

    (CaymanIslands Monetary Authority ,CIMA)

    The CaymanIslands Monetary Authority (CIMA) was established in 1999 and is the main financial services regulator in the Cayman Islands. It is responsible for regulating banking, insurance, trusts, investment funds, securities, and corporate services, etc. Foreign exchange service is also under the supervision of CIMA. Currently, the types of securities investment business licenses under Cayman regulation are Broker/Dealer, Securities Manager, Securities Advisor, Securities Arranger, and Market Maker.

  • About Singapore Capital Market Service License (CMS)

    (Capital Market Service License,CMS)

    Singapore has always been a worldwide center for offshore wealth management, with nearly half of its entrusted assets coming from North America and Europe, thanks to its political stability, favorable taxation, stable currency, strict rule of law and good reputation. At the same time, it has achieved a global allocation of its entrusted assets. Of these, 68% of its entrusted assets are invested in the Asia-Pacific region. Holding a CMS license, Lion Brokers LTDcan trade the floor derivative contracts, outside derivative contracts and spot foreign exchange contracts for leveraged foreign exchange trading

Provide all-round protection for clients’ funds

Under the requirements of CIMA in Cayman and CMS in Singapore, client asset accounts of Lion Brokers LTD are subject to strict legal letterhead requirements to ensure that funds are kept in the client’s name. The Company regularly clears and reconciles client’s funds and ensures in written form or an agreement that the dealer holds the client’s funds only as an entrustee and that the Bank has no right to consolidate or exercise any lien on any funds in such accounts with any other accounts of the dealer. The dealer also has no right to garnish or counterclaim funds in the client’s bank account for any debt owed by the licensee.